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Product Review:
Elite Sports & Borntough

Released: February 26, 2023

We have decided to collaborate! I'm pleased to announce that I will be reviewing their products and will let you know what I think about them...FOR REAL! ------ Roland A. Webb III = NieObie

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Elite Sports & Borntough - Men's Workout Joggers & Pants

"VERY NICE!!! This pair of sweatpants are great!  They feel outstanding!  Soft material, comfortable, cozy and flexible when your on the go!  Don’t you hate when you can’t get in or out of your car wearing the tightest pair of sweats? 
Well try Elite Sports & Borntough workout jogger & pants!   Recently, I purchased a black pair and they are perfect and fit in all the right places!  They are light weight, durable fabric and provide a cool signature style to your fashion-forward arsenal!   Get your pair now!"
8500 . Momentum Regular-Fit Jogger - Black

Roland A. Webb III = NieObie

NieObie TrainFit Owner

February 26, 2023 (posted: 11:20pm)

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